Gesture Books (en)

PDF reader to manipulate with gestures!

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The following operations can be performed toward the camera in the iPhone, and shake hands in the direction of the right/left/upper/lower.
[File List Mode]
upper:read the selected file(Transition to the [Preview Mode])
left :select the left file
right :select the right file
[Preview Mode]
lower:Transition to the [File List Mode]
left :go to next page
right :go to previous page

Add or delete files, please go on iTunes.
You can add files by selecting the Gesture Books (such as “iTunes U”) in the “Open in…” app other PDF viewer.

– This application is available only for devices and on iOS5, with forward-facing camera.
– In a dark place you may not be able to work the recognition of gesture.
– You may not be able to recognize the hand too early pretend.



You can adjust the sensitivity recognized by the (tap the icon at the bottom right of the screen file selection) setting screen.

With a higher sensitivity recognition, but makes it easier to recognize the gesture, it will also increased false positives.

In use, if you often do not recognize the gesture, please increase the recognition sensitivity.
If there are more false positives, please lower the sensitivity to recognize the gesture I recognized.

The distance between the-iPhone
It is easy to recognize and shake hands with 20 ~ 30 cm away from the iPhone.

– If you shake the hand
Will not be recognized too early pretend, pretend or too late.
If the gesture is not recognized properly, please try changing the speed of the hand full.

– The ambient brightness
In the dark can not be well recognized. Please use in a well lit area.


1. File List Mode

2. File selection (During the transition to the screen reading)

3. Preview Mode

4. Next Page


App Name:Gesture Books
Itunes URL:



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